Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry with Precious Stones. Our jewelry is the work of artisans and craftspeople we’ve met and come to know throughout the world over years of adventure travel. All our pieces are hand picked and purchased from the artisans themselves so that you will find a more diverse selection of interesting and unique designs – at prices much lower than most people expect. We specialize in select quality semi-precious stones and make a special effort to carry many of the less common vartieties and unusual samples for the shopper who is looking for something “a little different”. Of course you will always find a good assortment of amber, amethyst, citrine, garnet, jasper, labradorite, lapis, malakite, onyx, rainbow, moonstone, smoky quartz, turquoise and many others. Our settings are finely crafted in only sterling silver and cover the range from the traditional boutique-style designs to the more contemporary and creative. So, if you like Silver and Stones, please do come by “the River” and see us. We’re sure to have something here for you!