The Ghosts at River Street Market Place

Yes. Not one, but two ghosts are dwelling at River Street Market Place.

Both have remained in Shed 2, the shed most west, so far.

Looking back, we now know that from opening day we experienced signs of our ghosts' presence.

Here is what is happening and why we believe our ghosts are Florence Martus, Savannah's famous "Waving Girl" and her collie dog.

In the early morning when the door to the shed is unlocked, I, Traci, my partner or George, our custodian, enters the shed to turn off the alarm system. Immediately we're aware of a presence in two corners of the building. The corners vary, but the presence is always in two corners at the same time.

We are made aware of the presence by a whooshing noise and air rushing past our faces as if the ghosts are crisscrossing the shed.

This always happens as we are walking through the shed to turn on lights after we disarm the security system in the early morning.

In the evening at closing time, when all of the customers and vendors have left the building, the lights are turned off and it's time to set the alarm. All three of us, (alone or together) have experienced the same whooshing wind presence, the very same as in the morning. Then both ghosts seem to settle down for the evening and we begin to hear what sounds like a low, mournful cry of "Come back. Come back. Come back."

In addition, the most amazing shadows appear in the late evening and early morning, dancing across the antique pine doors. The shadows are almost identical to the monument of the "Waving Girl and her dog" that sits in Morrell Park located a few yards west of the shed. It feels eerie, but not frightening. Maybe she just wants to be remembered.

One of our vendors, Peggy Kenny, related to us that upon her arrival in the mornings some of her sale items have sometimes been removed or rearranged from the previous evening. At first we were skeptical since a security company monitors the shed for motion and we have camera surveillance. Note also that none of the other vendors had any complaints.

When she insisted someone was "bothering her things," we began to question Peggy about the items that had been moved or re-arranged.

Well! It turns out Peggy, whose retail space is called "Southern Flair" is related by marriage to Florence Martus. It further turns out; all of the items that had been moved or re-arranged were "Waving Girl" memorabilia!

She is now convinced our two ghosts are indeed Florence and her dog.

Peggy has decided she wants to stay on friendly terms with what she now calls "her ghosts." She is going out of her way to give Florence and her dog respect and recognition for the role they have played in making Savannah famous.

She invites anyone interested to come by her retail space "Southern Flair" at River Street Market Place for a free brochure that tells you all about Savannah's famous "Waving Girl," Florence Martus, and her dog.

In addition, to honor the "Waving Girl," Peggy has had a small monument cast available for purchase that is very similar to the monument in Morrell Park. It would make a lovely addition to any lawn or garden.

The Waving Girl Legend

Florence Martus, a Savannahian whose understanding and application of the words "Southern Hospitality" brought her fame as Savannah's Waving Girl.

Born August 7, 1868, Martus lived with her brother in a lighthouse near the entrance of the Savannah harbor. The Waving Girl fell in love with a sailor who promised to return for her, but never did. Florence spent years waving to passing ships hoping her love would return. During her years at the lighthouse, she greeted nearly 50,000 vessels.